What distinguishes SummerSalt?  

Firstly, it's our policies.  When you stay at SummerSalt you are welcome to the entire villa.  Unlike most other villas, we have no "double occupancy" rule.  We don't want our guests to have to share a room, while empty bedrooms are kept locked.  It's all your's; the main house, the guest villa, all the bedrooms and in any sleeping arrangement that you'd like.  When you are staying at SummerSalt we'd like you to feel completely at home and totally unencumbered.

It's also in the finer details.  It's things like the fruit trees that are a part of the gardens.  Grown exclusively with rainwater, our guests can pick fresh organic heirloom bananas, limes, coconuts, mangoes, and even exotic soursops -- all of which are very different than those commercially available back home.  It's other subtleties too, like our fair employment practices which pay our employees on salary (not just when we need them) and well above the prevailing wage.  This, in turn, supports a sustainable community.  In fact, every person who works with us to make SummerSalt great has each been with us for at least ten years.  

SummerSalt is further set apart by it's main living area all being situated on one floor which avoids having to repeatedly trudge up and down stairs whenever you need a snack or your margarita or bushwhacker or  painkiller refreshed.  The villa is additionally differentiated by the gracious size of the eating areas which seat over 10 people quite comfortably.  Another unique characteristic of the home is it's location.  SummerSalt boasts nearly 180 degrees of unobstructed views but also has a private path that brings you to the beach in less than 5 minutes.  This is a feature that is truly uncommon in that most villas in the BVI offer either one or the other, but very seldom both.  

Furthermore, SummerSalt has been the choice of hundreds of guests in it's nearly 15 years of operation and many groups return year after year.  The villa has become the second home for many travelers and we are truly thrilled and honored each time they return.  Additionally, because we have owned the home for so long, we are able to offer some of the most competitive rates on Tortola.

For any questions or to make a reservation, please contact Charlie Muir at: (408) 658-7301 or SummerSaltVilla@gmail.com or click here to Book Now.
SummerSalt Villa's Sunset

SummerSalt Villa's Sunset